Surfing is a solitary sport. But I can tell you that some of the most amazing things I’ve done surfing have come from being a part of a tribe.

⏤Laird Hamilton

Why stoke club aye?

Foamie, short-board, knee-board, twinnie, or easy-rider —what matters is the positive energy you bring to the line-up.

Surfing is all about getting stoked and passing that energy along. Many surfers (regardless of your level) agree that the second best thing about surfing is talking about it afterwards. Remember catching your first barrel? kidding your first wave, and how awesome that felt?

At Stoke Club, we’re developing the first surf journal app. We're reimagining how surfers progress and connect with each other.

Who are we?

We are two kooks traveling between France and California. That doesn’t mean that we won’t screw up, but rest assured that we pour our passion for surfing into making you, surfers, stoked.

-Nico & Ben 🤙

Stoked from Basque Country🇫🇷
Stoked from SF 🇺🇸